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What Is Rationalist Berkleys Community Culture by Zvi Moshowitz – The original rationalist community mission was to save the world, not to be nice to each other. Sarah recently suggested the later is currently the actual goal. Zvi reinterprets this as sounding an alarm. The rationalists should not become just another Berkeley community of bohemians and weirdos.

Choices Are Really Bad by Zvi Moshowitz – Exercising willpower is a cost in the short term. Decision fatigue. Reasons why people, including you, WILL choose wrong. People justify their choices. Choices create blame and responsibility. Choices cause paralysis. Choice are communication. Choices require justification. Choices let people defect and destroy cooperation.


Openai Bots Were Defeated At Least 50 Times – People could play against the openAI Dota bot. Several people found strategies to beat the bot. One of the human victors explains their strategy.


High Time For Drug Policy Reform Part 44 by MichaelPlant (EA forum) – “This is the fourth of four posts on DPR. In this part I provide some simplistic but illustrative cost-effectiveness estimates comparing an imaginary campaign for DPR against current interventions for poverty, physical health and mental health; I also consider what EAs should do next.”

Politics and Economics:

Thats Amore by sam[]zdat – Epistocracy, democracy with limits on who can vote. Competency and incompetency and pizza. Politics is the strongest identity. Trading power for the image of power. Morlocks and Eloi. Replication crisis. Google guy. The Left’s support for the powerful. Nhilism.


Stop Caring So Much About Technical Problems by Particular Virtue – Links to an article describing what attributes actually get developers jobs (other than technical skill). Caring about making great products is much more desirable than caring about technical problems. Developer interviews are highly random. Experience matters alot. Enterprise programmers are disliked. Practical advice.

Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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