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(Lots of Scratchpad posts recently. Check out the blog if you are interested)

Communism by SlateStarScratchpad – Scott thinks he would have been a communist in 1910.

Mildly Condescending Advice by SlateStarScratchpad – Ten mildly condescending but useful pieces of advice Scott recommends.

Politics and Economics:

Rise And Fall Of Rawlsianism by Artir (Nintil) – “I will introduce street Rawlsianism, a simplified version of Rawls’s Theory of Justice to get an idea of what this is all about. Then, I will explain how that came to be, including some extra details about Rawls’s justification for his theory. This story itself, the development of Rawls’s own philosophical views, is a good enough criticism of his original theory, but I will add at the end what I think are the strongest critiques I know.”


Prime Towers Problem by protokol2020 – Prime height towers. From which tower is the most tower tops visible.


Tyler Cowen On Stubborn Attachments by EconTalk – “Cowen argues that economic growth–properly defined–is the moral key to maintaining civilization and promoting human well-being. Along the way, the conversation also deals with inequality, environmental issues, and education”

Amanda Askell On Pascals Wager And Other Low Risks Wi by Rational Speaking – Pascal’s Wager: It’s rational to believe in God, because if you’re wrong it’s no big deal, but if you’re right then the payoff is huge. Amanda Askell argues that it’s much trickier to rebut Pascal’s Wager than most people think. Handling low probability but very high impact possibilities: should you round them down to zero? Does it matter how measurable the risk is? And should you take into account the chance you’re being scammed?”

Living With Violence by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Gavin de Becker about the primacy of human intuition in the prediction and prevention of violence.”

Physical Training Dating Strategies And Stories From The Early Days by Tim Feriss – Tim answers viewer questions. Physical training, interview prep, the art of networking, education reform, dream guests on the show.

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