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Why Not More Excitement About Prediction Aggregation by Scott Alexander – Prediction markets and aggregation methods work. Superforecasters proved some groups can consistently make good predictions. Why isn’t there more interest? Wouldn’t investors pay for predictions? Do theories about signaling and prestige explain the situation?

How Mentally Ill are Medical Professionals by SlateStarScratchpad – Psychiatrists are very mentally well adjusted on average. “I think you get way more illness in the therapists, counselors, etc, especially the ones that are kind of low-status and don’t require a lot of training.” Doctor’s recovery rates from alcoholism are very good.


Erisology Of Self And Will: The Need And The Reasons by Everything Studies – “Here in part 6 I discuss the reasons why the traditional view persists when prescientific thinking on other topics often doesn’t.”

Body Pleasure by Sarah Perry (ribbonfarm) – “As non-human intelligences get more sophisticated, it may be the case that human work remains extremely important; however, it may also be that humans are faced with increasing leisure. If that is the case, the critical problem facing humanity will be how to enjoy ourselves. If that seems silly, consider your favorite dystopian images of the future: only humans who understand how to enjoy themselves can demand living conditions in which they are able to do so.”

Inscrutable Ideas by Gordan (Map and Territory) – The author describes ‘holonic’ thinking and why its hard to explain. Postmodernism as a flawed holonic tradition. Buddhism as a better holonic tradition. Fundamental incompatibility with system-relationship epistemology.


July 2017 Newsletter by The MIRI Blog – News and Links: Open AI, Deepmind, AI Impacts, EA global, 80K hours, etc

Politics and Economics:

Another Point Of View by Simon Penner (Status 451) – The author was raised working class in semi-rural Canada and moved to Silicon valley. He experienced a ton of culture shock and significant cultural discrimination. This causes him to have less sympathy for people who quit software because of relatively minor pressure saying they don’t fit in. The author overcame this stuff and so should other people.


Clojure: The Perfect Language To Expand Your Brain by Eli Bendersky – Clojure will almost certainly change how you think about programming. Clojure is a fully modern and useable Lisp. The designers of Clojure are extremely pragmatic, building upon decades of industry experience. Sequences and laziness for powerful in-language data processing. Right approach to OOP. Built-in support for concurrency and parallelism.

The Un-Yoga Manifesto by SquirrelInHell – Yoga has a sort of ‘competitive’ ethos baked in. There is alot of pressure to do the postures ‘correctly’. Instead you should listen to your body and follow the natural incentive gradients that lead to maintaining one’s body well. Four practical pieces of advice.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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