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Stem vs The Humanities by SlateStarScratchpad – A long and intelligent thread about “STEM” vs “The Humanities”. What are the natural categories? Should we consider math part of the humanities? Should we groups careful humanities scholars with careful STEM scholars? So-called-autistics. Other topics.

Where The Falling Einstein Meets The Rising Mouse by Scott Alexander – Eliezer/Scott’s model of intelligence suggests that the gap between ‘village idiot’ and Einstein is tiny relative to the difference between ‘village idiot’ and a chimp. This suggests that once AI reaches human levels it will almost immediately pass the best human. This happened in Go. But in other fields progress was gradual throughout the approximately human level skill range. Scott looks at possible explanations.


Skills Most Employable by 80,000 Hours – Metrics: Satisfaction, risk of automation, and breadth of applicability. Leadership and social skills will gain the most in value. The least valuable skills involve manual labor. Tech skills may not be the most employable but they are straightforward to improve at. The most valuable skills are the hardest to automate and useful in the most situations. Data showing a large oversupply of some tech skills, though others are in high demand. A chart of which college majors add the most income.

Foom Justifies Ai Risk Efforts Now by Robin Hanson – Organizations and corporations are already much smarter and more powerful than individuals, yet they remain mostly under control. Despite setbacks (Wars, revolutions, famines) the organization ecosystem is mostly functional. The only reason to be preemptively worried about AI is if AI takeoff will be very fast.

Confidence And Patience Dont Feel Like Anything In Particular by Kaj Sotala – Being confident doesn’t feel like anything. ‘Feeling confident’ is really just the lack of feeling unconfident.

Politics and Economics:

Housing Price Bubble Revisited by Tyler Cowen – “Over the entire 20th century real home prices averaged an index value of about 110 (and were quite close to this value over the the entire 1950-1997 period). Over the entire 20th century, housing prices never once roce above 131, the 1989 peak. But beginning around 2000 house prices seemed to reach for an entirely new equilibrium. In fact, even given the financial crisis, prices since 2000 fell below the 20th century peak for only a few months in late 2011. Real prices today are now back to 2004 levels and rising. As I predicted in 2008, prices never returned to their long-run 20th century levels.”

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Is Bad Science by Ozy (Thing of Things) – Ozy cites two commonly misinterpreted but good studies about suicide rates among transgender individuals. Ozy then discusses a very shoddy study about people rapidly becoming trans after meeting trans friends. However the study got its information by asking the parents of trans teens and young adults. Ozy explains how and why young adults hide much of their feelings from their parents, especially if they are neurodiverse.


40 Making Humans Legible by The Bayesian Conspiracy – Seeing like a State. Scott and Sam[]zdat’s posts. Green Revolution. Age of Em. Chemtrails and invasive species. Friendship is Optimal.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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