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– “Happiness is having how things are going be closer to how you think things could be going.” Some interesting implications including that both inequality and social mobility are bad.

– Why its very hard to argue against the scientific consensus on fields such as Relativity or Quantum Mechanics. The Earth’s temperature was hotter when it rotated fast, despite a fainter sun. Many physicists failed to grasp this fact. What does that imply?


– Eight media links on Give Directly, Basic Income, Cash Transfers and Development Aid.

Politics and Economics:

– Two definitions of democracy. A key idea: “Lasch is an external commentary using this rough model. At some point, the combined apparatus of American culture (the state, capital, media, political agitation) tried to make things “better”. To better its citizens required new social controls (paternalism). The taylorism employed makes things more focused on image, and this results in a more warlike society. Happened with “authenticity” last time and also [everything below]. To deal with this invasion, society turns to narcissistic defenses. Narcissism is self-centered, but it’s an expression of dependence on others, and specifically on the others’ validation of the narcissist’s image.”


– Trump’s illiberalism is catalyzed by his failures. Recently Trump has been more illiberal. Support for Trump remains at around 40 percent. What does this imply about the risk of an illiberal Trump successor with more political competence.


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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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