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To The Great City by Scott Alexander – Scott’s Karass is in San Fransisco. He is going home.

Open Road by Scott Alexander – Bi-weekly public open thread. Some messages from Scott Alexander.


Developmental Psychology In The Age Of Ems by Gordan (Map and Territory) – Brief intro to the Age of Em. Farmer values. Robin’s approach to futurism. Psychological implications of most ems being middle aged. Em conservatism and maturity.

Fermi Paradox Resolved by Tyler Cowen – Link to a presentation. Don’t just multiply point estimates. Which Drake parameters are uncertain. The Great filter is probably in the past. Lots of interesting graphs and statistics. Social norms and laws. Religion. Eusocial society.


Testing An Ea Networkbuilding Strategy by remmelt (EA forum) – Pivot from supporting EA charities to cooperating with EA networks. Detailed goals, strategy, assumptions, metrics, collaborators and example actions.

Politics and Economics:

Econtalk On Generic Medications by Aceso Under Glass – A few egregious ways that big pharma games the patent system. Short.

Why Did Europe Lose Crusades by Noah Smith – Technological comparison between Europe and the Middle East. Political divisions on both sides. Geographic distance. Lack of motivation.


If You’re In School Try The Curriculum by Freddie deBoer – Ironic detachment “leaves you with the burden of the work but without the emotional support of genuine resolve”. Don’t be the sort of person who tweets hundreds of thousands of times but pretends they don’t care about online.

Huffman Codes Problem by protokol2020 – Find the possible Huffman Codes for all twenty-six English letters.


Chris Blattman 2 by EconTalk – “Whether it’s better to give poor Africans cash or chickens and the role of experiments in helping us figure out the answer. Along the way he discusses the importance of growth vs. smaller interventions and the state of development economics.”

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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