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Forget The Maine by Robin Hanson – Monuments are not optimized for reminding people to do better. Instead they largely serve as vehicles for simplistic ideology.


Looking Into Ai Risk by Jeff Kaufman – Jeff is trying to decide if AI risk is a serious concern and whether he should consider working in the field. Jeff’s AI-risk reading list. A large comment section with interesting arguments.

Self-modification As A Game Theory Problem by (lesswrong) – “If I’m right, then any good theory for cooperation between AIs will also double as a theory of stable self-modification for a single AI, and vice versa.” An article with mathematical details is linked.

Tool Use Intelligence Conversation by The Foundational Research Institute – A dialogue. Comparisons between humans and chimps/lions. The value of intelligence depends on the available tools. Defining intelligence. An addendum on “general intelligence” and factors that make intelligence useful.


Projects People And Processes by Open Philosophy – Three approaches used by donors and decision makers: Choose from projects presented by experts, defer near-fully to trusted individuals and establishing systematic criteria. Pros and cons of each. Open Phil’s current approach.

Hidden Cost Digital Convenience by Innovations for Poverty – Moving from in person to digital micro-finance can harm saving rates in developing countries. Reduction in group cohesion and visible transaction fees. Linked paper with details.

Politics and Economics:

On The Effects Of Inequality On Economic Growth by Artir (Nintil) – Most of the article tries to explain and analyze the economic consensus on whether inequality harms growth. A very large number of papers are cited and discussed. A conclusion that the effect is at most small.


Physics Problem 2 by protokol2020 – Can tidal forces rotate a metal wheel?


Jason Weeden On Do People Vote Based On Self Interest by Rational Speaking – Do people vote based on personality, their upbringing, blind loyalty or do they follow their self interest? What does self-interest even mean?

Robin Feldman by EconTalk – Ways pharmaceutical companies fight generics.


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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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