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Projects Id Like To See by William MacAskill (EA forum) – CEA is giving out £100K grants. General types of applications. EA outreach and Community, Anti-Debates, Prediction Tournaments, Shark Tank Discussions, Research Groups, Specific Skill Building, New Organizations, Writing.

Open Philanthropy Project is Now an Independent Organization by Open Philosophy – The evolution of Open Phil. Why should Open Phil split from GiveWell. LLC structure.

Separating GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project by The GiveWell Blog – The GiveWell perspective. Context for the sale. Effect on donors who rely on GiveWell. Organization changes at GiveWell. Steps taken to sell Open Phil assets. The new relationship between GiveWell and Open Phil.

Politics and Economics:

Is Economics Science by Noah Smith – No one knows what a Science is. Thoeries that work (4 examples). The empirical and credibility revolutions. Why we still need structural models. Ways economics could be more scientific. Data needs to kill bad theories. Slides from Noah’s talk are included and worth playing but assume familiarity with the economics profession.

Why Optimism is More Rational than Pessimism by TheMoneyIllusion – Splitting 1900-2017 into Good and Bad periods. We learn something from our mistakes. Huge areas where things have improved long term. Top 25 movies of the 21st Century. Artforms in decline.


Sea Problem by protokol2020 – A fun problem. Measuring sea level rise.


Tania Lombrozo On Why We Evolved The Urge To Explain by Rational Speaking – “Research on what purpose explanation serves — i.e., why it helps us more than our brains just running prediction algorithms. Tania and Julia also discuss whether simple explanations are more likely to be true, and why we’re drawn to teleological explanations”

Don Bourdreaux Emergent Order by EconTalk – “Why is it that people in large cities like Paris or New York City people sleep peacefully, unworried about whether there will be enough bread or other necessities available for purchase the next morning? No one is in charge–no bread czar. No flour czar.”


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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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