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Politics and Economics:

Why Universities Cant Be The Primary Site Of Political Organizing by Freddie deBoer – Few people on campus. Campus activism is seasonal. Students are an itinerant population. Town and gown conflicts. Students are too busy. First priority is employment. Is activism a place for student growth?. Labor principles.


Thingness And Thereness by Venkatesh Rao (ribbonfarm) – The relation between politics, home and frontier. Big Data, deep learning and the blockchain. Liminal spaces and conditions.

Reducers Transducers And Coreasync In Clojure by Eli Bendersky – “I find it fascinating how one good idea (reducers) morphed into another (transducers), and ended up mating with yet another, apparently unrelated concept (concurrent pipelines) to produce some really powerful coding abstractions.”


Newcomers by Venam – A transcript of a discussion about advice for new Unix users. Purpose. Communities. Learning by Yourself. Technical Tips. Venam linked tons of podcast transcripts today. Check them out.

Author: deluks917

A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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