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Is Pharma Research Worse Than Chance by Scott Alexander – The most promising drugs of the 21st century are MDMA and ketamine (third is psilocybin). These drugs were all found by the drug community. Maybe pharma should look for compounds with large effect sizes instead of searching for drugs with no side-effects.

Tumblr Post by Scott Alexander (Scratchpad) – The leader of the terrorist attack in London was in a documentary about jihadists living in Britain. “Being the sort of person who seems likely to commit a crime isn’t illegal.” Involuntary commitment.


Becoming A Better Community by Sable (lesswrong) – Lesswrong holds its memebers to a high standard. Intimacy requires unguarded spontaneous interactions. Concrete ideas to add more fun and friendship to lesswrong.

Conformity Excuses by Robin Hanson – Human behavior is often explained by pressure to conform. However we consciously experience much less pressure. Robin discusses a list of ways to rationalize conforming.

Deorbiting A Metaphor by H i v e w i r e d – Another post in the origin sequence. Rationalist Myth-making. (note: I am unlikely to keep linking all of these. Follow hivewired’s blog)


New Report Consciousness And Moral Patienthood by Luke Muehlhauser (Open Philosophy) – “In short, my tentative conclusions are that I think mammals, birds, and fishes are more likely than not to be conscious, while (e.g.) insects are unlikely to be conscious. However, my probabilities are very “made-up” and difficult to justify, and it’s not clear to us what actions should be taken on the basis of such made-up probabilities.”

A Paradox in the Measurement of the Value of Life by klloyd (EA Forum) – Eight Thousand words on: “A Health Economics Puzzle: Why are there apparent inconsistencies in the monetary valuation of a statistical life (VSL) and a quality-adjusted life year (QALY$)?”


Masha Gessen: Russian-American journalist by The Ezra Klein Show – Trump and Russia, plausible and sinister explanation. Ways Trump is and isn’t like Putin, studying autocracies, the psychology of Jared Kushner


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