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Finite And Infinite by Sarah Constantin (Otium) – “James Carse, in Finite and Infinite Games, sets up a completely different polarity, between infinite game-playing (which is open-ended, playful, and non-competitive) vs. finite game-playing (which is definite, serious, and competitive).” Playfulness, property, and cooperating with people who seriously weird you out.

Mode Collapse And The Norm One Principle by tristanm (lesswrong) – Generative Adversarial Networks. Applying the lessons of Machine Learning to discourse. How to make progress when the critical side of discourse is very powerful. “My claim is that any contribution to a discussion should satisfy the “Norm One Principle.” In other words, it should have a well-defined direction, and the quantity of change should be feasible to implement.”

Cognitive Sciencepsychology As A Neglected by Kaj Sotala (EA forum) – Ways psychology could benefit AI safety: “The psychology of developing an AI safety culture, Developing better analyses of ‘AI takeoff’ scenarios, Defining just what it is that human values are, Better understanding multi-level world-models.” Lots of interesting links.

On Resignation by Small Truths – Artificial intelligence. “It’s an embarrassing lapse, but I did not think much about how the very people who already know all the stuff I’m learning would behave. I wasn’t thinking enough steps ahead. Seen in this context, Neuralink isn’t an exciting new tech venture so much as a desperate hope to mitigate an unavoidable disaster.”

Optimizing For Meta Optimization by H i v e w i r e d – A very long list of human cultural universals and comments on which ones to encourage/discourage: Myths, Language, Cognition, Society. Afterwards some detailed bullet points about an optimal dath ilanian culture.

Culture War:

One Day We Will Make Offensive Jokes by AellaGirl – “This is why I feel suspicious of some groups that strongly oppose offensive jokes – they have the suspicion that every person is like my parents – that every human “actually wants” all the terrible things to happen.”

Some Observations On Cis By Default Identification by Ozy (Thing of Things) – Many ‘cis-by-default’ people are repressing or not noticing their gender feelings. This effect strongly depends on a person’s community.


Create 2314 by protokol2020 – Find the shortest algorithm to create the number 2314 using a prescribed set of operations.


Christy Ford by EconTalk – “A history of how America’s health care system came to be dominated by insurance companies or government agencies paying doctors per procedure.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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