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Open Thread 77- Opium Thread by Scott Alexander – Bi-weekly open thread. Includes some comments of the week and an update on translating “Bringing Up Genius”.


Until We Build Dath Ilan by H i v e w i r e d – Eliezer’s Sci-fi utopia Dath Ilan. The nature of the rationalist community. A purpose for the rationality community. Lots of imagery and allusions. A singer is someone who tries to do good.

The Personal Growth Cycle by G Gordon Worley (Map and Territory) – Stages of Development. “Development starts from a place of integration, followed by disintegration into confusion, which through active efforts at reintegration in a safe space results in development. If a safe space for reintegration is not available, development may not proceed.”

Script for the rationalist seder is linked by Raemon (lesswrong) – An explanation of Rationalist Seder, a remix of the Passover Seder refocused on liberation in general. A story of two tribes and the power of stories. The full Haggadah/script for the rationalist Seder is linked.

Politics and Economics:

A Brief Argument With Apparently Informed Global Warming Denialists by Artir (Nintil) – Details of the back and forth argument. So commentary on practical rationality and speculation about how the skeptic might have felt.

Book Review Weapons Of Math Destruction by Zvi Moshowitz – Extremely long. “What the book is actually mostly about on its surface, alas, is how bad and unfair it is to be a Bayesian. There are two reasons, in her mind, why using algorithms to be a Bayesian is just awful.”


Text To Speech Speed by Jeff Kaufman – Text to speech has become a very efficient way to interact with computers. Questions about settings. Very short.


Nick Szabo by Tim Ferriss – “Computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer best known for his pioneering research in digital contracts and cryptocurrency.”


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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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