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Third and Fourth Thoughts on Dragon Army by SlateStarScratchpad. – Scott goes from Anti-Anti-Dragon-Army to Anti-Dragon-Army. He then gets an email from Duncan and updates in favor of the position that Duncan thought things out well.


10 Incredible Weaknesses Of The Mental Health by arunbharatula (lesswrong) – Ten arguments that undermine the credibility of the mental health workforce. Some of the arguments are sourced and argued significantly more thoroughly than other.


Considering Considerateness: Why Communities Of Do Gooders Should Be by The Center for Effective Altruism – Consequentialist reasons to be considerate and trustworthy. Detailed and contains several graphs. Include practical discussions of when not to be considerate and how to handle unreasonable preferences. The conclusion discusses how considerate EAs should be. The bibliography contains many very high quality articles written by the community.

The Time Has come to Find Out [Links] by GiveDirectly – 8 media links related to Cash Transfers, Give Directly and Effective Altruism.


Hello World! Stan, Pymc3 and Edward by Bob Carpenter (Gelman’s Blog) – Comparison of the three frameworks. Test case of Bayesian linear regression. Extendability and efficiency of the frameworks is discussed.


Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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