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Hungarian Education III Mastering The Core Teachings Of The Budapestians by Scott Alexander – Lazlo Polgar wanted to prove he could intentionally raise chess geniuses. He raised the number 1,2 and 6 female chess players in the world?


Philosophical Parenthood by SquirrelInHell – Updateless Decision theory. Ashkenazi intelligence. “In this post, I will lay out a strong philosophical argument for rational and intelligent people to have children. It’s important and not obvious, so listen well.”

Politics and Economics:

Company Revenue Per Employee by Tyler Cowen – The energy sector has high revenue per employee. The highest score was attained by a pharmaceutical distributor. Hotels, restaurants and consumer discretionaries do the worst on this metric. Tech has a middling performance.

Two Economists Ask Teachers To Behave As Irrational Actors by Freddie deBoer – A response to Cowen’s interview of Raj Chetty. Standard Education reform rhetoric implies that hundreds of thousands of teachers need to be fired. However teachers don’t control most of the important inputs to student performance. You won’t get more talented teachers unless you increase compensation.

Regulatory Lags For New Technology 2013 Notes by gwern (lesswrong) – Gwern looks at the history of regulation for high frequency trading, self driving cars and hacking. The post is mostly comprised of long quotes from articles linked by gwern.


Computer Science Majors by Tyler Cowen – Tyler links to an article by Dan wang. The author gives 11 reasons why CS majors are rare, none of which he finds convincing. Eventually the author seems to conclude that the 2001 bubble, changing nature of the CS field, power law distribution in developer productivity and lack of job security are important causes.


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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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