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Notes From The Hufflepuff Unconference (Part 1) by Raemon (lesswrong) – Goal: Improve at: “social skills, empathy, and working together, sticking with things that need sticking with”. The article is a detailed breakdown of the unconference including: Ray’s Introductory Speech, a long list of what people want to improve on, the lightning talks, the 4 breakout sessions, proposed solutions, further plans, and closing words. Links to conference notes are included for many sections.

Qualia Computing At Consciousness Hacking June 7th 2017 by Qualia Computing – Qualia computing will present in San Fransisco on June 7th at Consciousness Hacking. The event description is detailed and should give readers a good intro to Qualia Computing’s goals. The author’s research goal is to create a mathematical theory of pain/pleasure and be able to measure these directly from brain data.

Politics and Economics:

The Behavioral Economics of Paperwork by Bryan Caplan – Vast Numbers of students miss financial aid because they don’t fill out paperwork. Caplan explores the economic implications of the fact that “Humans hate filling out paperwork. As a result, objectively small paperwork costs plausibly have huge behavioral response”.

There Are Bots, Look Around by Renee DiResta (ribbonfarm) – High frequency trading disrupted finance. Now algorithms and bots are disrupting the marketplace of ideas. What can finance’s past teach us about politics’ future?


Notes On Debugging Clojure Code by Eli Bendersky – Dealing with Clojure’s cryptic exceptions, Finding which form an exception comes from, Trails and Logging, Deeper tracing inside cond forms

Conversations On Consciousness by H i v e w i r e d – The author is a plural system. Their hope is to introduce plurality by doing the following: “First, we’re each going to describe our own personal experiences, from our own perspectives, and then we’re going to discuss where we might find ourselves within the larger narrative regarding consciousness.”


Is Trump’s incompetence saving us from his illiberalism? by The Ezra Klein Show – Political Scientist Yascha Mounk. “What Mounk found is that the consensus we thought existed on behalf of democracy and democratic norms is weakening.”


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