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Open Thread 76 Extropenism by Scott Alexander – Bi-weekly Open thread.


Deserving Trust 2 by Andrew Critch – How the author’s values changed over time. Originally he tried to maximize his own positive sensory experiences. The things he cared about began to include more things, starting with his GF’s experiences and values. He eventually rejects “homo-economus” thinking.

Effective Learning by arunbharatula (EA forum) – Survey of learning techniques. A large fraction of the text is a hyperlink.

Employment Wellbeing by arunbharatula (EA forum) – Survey of what makes people find their jobs worthwhile. Also high fraction hyperlinks.

Relationships And Wellbeing by arunbharatula (EA forum) – Much longer than the previous two. Discusses various relationship skills and how to develop them, from a variety of perspective. Lots of practical factual information is mixed in. Hyperlinks abound.

The Land Before Metrics by arunbharatula (EA forum) – Psychology interventions seem relatively ineffective at improving well being. Well being differs substantially depending on how its measured. Methodological problems with hapiness surveys and DALYs/QUALYs.


Learning Deep Learning The Easy Way With Keras by Piotr Migdał (lesswrong discussion) – Articles showing the power of neural networks. Discussion of ML frameworks. Resources for learning.

Call For Volunteers Who Want To Want To Exercise by Aceso Under Glass – Author is looking for volunteers who want to treat their anxiety or mood disorder with exercise.


Lant Pritchett 1 by EconTalk – Growth, and Experiments

Esther Perel by Tim Ferriss – The Relationship Episode: Sex, Love, Polyamory, Marriage, and More


And Another Physics Problem by protokol2020 – Two Planets. Which has a higher average surface temperature.

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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